Underwater Fish Attraction LED Lamp (UFAL)

UFAL can assist to increase marine aquaculture productivity by reduce the feeding, cost, shorter harvesting cycle, uniform growth and using less intensive manual labor. An alternative prospect with huge market for this technology is in marine aquaculture industry.

Advantages of UFAL in Aquaculture Application

Aquaculture Application

UFAL Uniqueness and Product Advantages

Uniqueness & Advantages

Technical Specification & Technology Demonstration of UFAL

Specification Demonstration
Energy Saving Dimmable Capability Thermal plastic body mechanism Nanocoated Reasonable price ≅ USD200/pc
Parameter Specification
Input Voltage 24V DC ± 3V
Input Current (System) Max 1.5A
Input Power (System) Max 36W with full turn ON
LED Brand Osram OSLON SSL 150 Series, 1W LED
Colour / Wawelength True Green / 513-543 nm (Typical 528nm)
LED Luminous (at IF 350mA) 82-112lm (Typical 88lm)
LED Viewing Angle 150°
Luminaire Dimension Dia84mm x 251mmL
Luminaire Weight 0.6 kg
Wire Length 30 meters
Luminaire Beam Angle 360°, 3pcs LED-Panel with 120° arrangement
Dimmable From 30% to 100% full turn ON
Ingress Protection IP68, Submersible

UFAL for Other Application

Other Application
Can used for various application when changed LED chip wavelength (colour).

UFAL towards Commercialization